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The Fannie Mae Green Initiative- How Going Green Can Pay Off

Consulting Solutions and the Fannie Mae Green Initiative – How Going Green Can Pay Off The Fannie Mae Green Initiative is a multifamily financing option that encourages property owners to invest in energy and water saving improvements.  The goal of the Green Initiative program is to improve and preserve the quality of multifamily properties while …


Fannie Mae continues to fine tune PNA requirements

CSI to the PNA Rescue!   Fannie Mae continues to fine tune the revised Physical Needs Assessment (PNA) requirements issued in October. Several significant changes were introduced in Version 1.1 of the PNA Instructions (released 1/24/14), including changes to the number of units to be walked, modifications to the guidance related to problematic materials and …


Alumiconn Connectors Provide a Cost Effective Aluminum Wiring Repair

Aluminum branch electrical wiring is a common issue of concern at some 1960 to 1970s vintage apartment complexes. The presence of aluminum branch wiring presents a potential safety concern, with numerous instances of electrical related fires resulting from the problematic aluminum wire connection. Repair options have included rewiring the building or installing special “pigtails” which …