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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Multifamily properties continue to battle bed bug infestations. These tiny insects feed at night, preferring human blood. An increase in people’s travel activities and greater insecticide resistance are two contributing factors to this growing problem. Residents may be reluctant to inform the property manager about a bed bug infestation, causing the problem to worsen. Efforts …


Vapor Intrusion is the latest environmental liability concern for lenders

A recent revision to the ASTM Phase I ESA protocol now requires that the potential for vapor migration of contaminants onto a property be evaluated (ASTM E1527-13, published last week).  An example of this scenario is contaminated groundwater from an adjacent dry cleaning property passing below a nearby apartment complex, with the potential for contaminated …


Alumiconn Connectors Provide a Cost Effective Aluminum Wiring Repair

Aluminum branch electrical wiring is a common issue of concern at some 1960 to 1970s vintage apartment complexes. The presence of aluminum branch wiring presents a potential safety concern, with numerous instances of electrical related fires resulting from the problematic aluminum wire connection. Repair options have included rewiring the building or installing special “pigtails” which …


Radon Continues to Emerge as a Lender Issue

Radon gas is present in all 50 states and according to the US EPA, is the second leading cause of lung cancer (cigarette smoking is #1). More people die from radon gas exposure than drunk driving, falls in the home, accidental drowning and home fires. Testing for radon and fixing a radon problem is relatively …