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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!


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Multifamily properties continue to battle bed bug infestations. These tiny insects feed at night, preferring human blood. An increase in people’s travel activities and greater insecticide resistance are two contributing factors to this growing problem. Residents may be reluctant to inform the property manager about a bed bug infestation, causing the problem to worsen. Efforts to self-treat using “bug bombs” may only drive the bed bugs into adjacent units. It not unusual for an apartment building to have several down units due to bed bugs.

Treatments are available, including pesticides, heat treatment and a freezing treatment. Multiple treatments are often required to eradicate the problem, and vigilance is required to keep the problems from returning. Specially trained dogs have also been used to sniff out bed bugs.

bed bug map

Bed Bug Registry Map

 As shown on the Bed Bug Registry map, bed bugs are present in all states and are not limited to one specific climate or regionDuring the assessment process, CSI reviews past bed bug incidents with the property manager. A pest control treatment log or other similar references can be helpful when evaluating the extent of bed bug problems at a property.

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