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Welcome to the Improved CSI Website!


Paul-SneddonAs President of Consulting Solutions I’d like to welcome you to our improved website. One new component of the website is this ongoing blog, which will discuss various topics pertaining to the commercial lending industry. This blog is part of CSI’s effort to provide industry leading service to our multifamily and commercial lending clients nationally.

Many of you may not know that CSI has been providing engineering and environmental assessments for almost twenty years. Over the course of several thousand property assessments, we have built a knowledge base of not only the issues of concern, but also an understanding of how these issues impact a lender. As a result we are able to provide workable solutions which keep many deals alive that would have otherwise died. Quick turnaround is another CSI cornerstone. While the industry is struggling to provide two week turnaround, we are focusing on the ability to provide one week or less turnaround time. More on this in coming months.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our Client Services Manager, Mallory Seagraves for a quote on an upcoming project. We look forward to working with you and stay tuned for future CSI blog topics!

Paul Sneddon, Principal