Consulting Solutions provides experienced third party consulting services to lenders and investors. We develop a working relationship with underwriting staff so that questions or proposed changes are processed quickly. Professional or technical staff members are always available by phone or email to address inquiries. We pride ourselves on industry-leading service and turn-around times.

PropertyProperty Condition Assessments

Consulting Solutions provides property condition assessment services that meet or exceed the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD standards. Through a combination of understanding the needs, a thorough property inspection, and an awareness of potential issues that can only be gained through years of experience, Consulting Solutions efficiently identifies important property condition issues. We understand that our purpose is not to raise unnecessary red flags, but to assist our clients by quantifying site-specific issues and providing recommended solutions.
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EnvironmentalEnvironmental Assessments

Environmental assessment reports prepared by Consulting Solutions address on-site, off-site and prior usage issues that may environmentally impact the subject site. Environmental assessments conducted by Consulting Solutions meets or exceeds industry standards, including those established by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD.
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PlanningConstruction Plan and Cost Reviews

Consulting Solutions provides pre-construction plan and cost review services for new construction and renovation projects. Our services include review of construction plans, analysis of construction budgets, confirmation of experience levels of the key construction team, review of construction contracts and review of scope adequacy. Consulting Solutions will opine on the proposed costs and scope, providing lenders and investors with valuable insights into potential deficiencies related to the construction project.
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ConstructionConstruction Monitoring Services

Consulting Solutions provides ongoing construction monitoring services to ensure that construction projects proceed on time and according to planned scope. Consulting Solutions staff travel to the construction site at agreed upon intervals, following with interim reports and photos that document the construction progress.  Our staff meet with key construction staff to confirm the project status and to document details related to change orders, delays or other issues that may impact cost or timing.
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TrainingAdditional Services

Operations and Maintenance Plans

Seismic (PML) Reports

Capital Expenditure Reserve Studies

Consulting Solutions staff are available to prepare Capital Expenditure Reserve Studies for lenders, condominium associations and other property owners so that future capital expenditures are identified and quantified.


Lender Staff Training Programs

Consulting Solutions staff are available to provide training services to lenders on topics related to property condition assessments, environmental assessments or construction management services. Training services are customized to the particular needs of the lender staff.